Give Yourself the Gift of Artistic Growth
Join me for a workshop at the rustic Landgrove Inn in Vermont

I have heard it before. I'm taking regular painting classes here.  Why on earth should I register for a workshop?  What’s so special about a workshop? So here is my response, the reasons that you should enroll in a workshop.

Have a dedicated time to paint

Classes make up a small component of your busy schedule.  A workshop offers a dedicated block of time for painting, away from the stresses of every day life The additional hours allotted to painting each day allow for your own creative abilities to nurture and grow; basically, helping you get “into the zone” for artistic progress.
Vermont Dinner

Network with other artists

Workshops are often composed of small groups of like-minded artists who are painting, eating and living together.  During this time, the participants can learn from each other and support each other.  Often, long lasting friendships are made based on these shared experiences.

Grow as an artist

As a workshop participant, you will be learning in a small, comfortable environment.  You will be challenged, excited and pushed out of your comfort zone.  Experienced painters may achieve new artistic “highs”, while beginner painters will find the workshop to be a nurturing experience with plenty of individual instruction.

Outdoor painting

Stimulate your creativity

Since workshops offer a block of time for intense artistic study, your creative energies can be recharged.  This type of daily painting can shake up an artistic block and renew your spirits.
Vermont Inn

Travel to a new location

Workshops are held at the rustic Landgrove Inn in southern Vermont. Nestled in a small valley within the Green Mountain National Park, the Inn offers unsurpassed scenery and supurb facilities in its InView Center for the Arts studio, This provides you with a fantastic opportunity to paint new sights and environments.


Enjoy a feeling of accomplishment

Because the workshop is a prescribed period of time, the painting study has a natural ebb and flow.  By the time the workshop will have ended, you will have a feeling of some skill mastery and completion. 

A peek at Margie’s gallery

A new landscape, entitled The Reservation, was painted recently. The painting captures the days that overlap between winter and spring, just
when the air starts to get warmer and the ice begins to melt, but the spring buds have not yet appeared on the trees. Becca said that this painting reminds her of a walk in the South Mountain Reservation that she took with us; hence, the name.

Also for sale are note cards with five different images of Margie's paintings. The card sizes are all 5" by 7"; each one comes with an envelope. These cards are printed in the same giclee process as the larger prints, and are suitable for framing.

The reservation
Post Cards

"The Reservation"
22 1/2" by 18 3/4" framed
Giclee image
$500.00 plus NJ 7% sales tax

5 note cards
5" x 7"
Giclee image suitable for framing
With envelopes
$15.00 plus NJ 7% sales tax

A new addition

grandkidsMargie is extremely proud and happy to welcome her second granddaughter, Bryn Scarlett Nelson, into the family. Bryn (born March 20, 2013) joins her 2-year old sister, Ayla Madison, on their
favorite place---sitting on Mimi's lap!
Copyright 2013 Margie Samuels Watercolor




Spring semester starts
Tuesday morning classes
Tues, April 9
Thursday morning and evening classes
Thurs, April 11

Guest speaker at the University Women of West Essex Spring Luncheon
Thurs, April 18 12:30 PM
Roseland Public LIbrary
For more information and to purchase tickets (at $25 each) contact Marie Antieri (973-226-3833, or

All money from the luncheon will be used for local scholarships.  The topic of my talk  "Art as the Spice of Life".

Watch for fall 2013 class registration Starting May 28     

Margie Samuels Watercolor Show
June 1 thru June 30
West Caldwell Public Library

Spring semester
last day of class
Tuesday morning classes
Tues, June 11
Thursday morning and evening classes
Thurs, June 13

Student Art Show Caldwell Public Library. 
July 1 thru Aug 31

Vermont Workshop
July 22 thru July 25, 2013
Landgrove Inn
132 Landgrove Rd
Landgrove, Vt, 05148
(802) 824-6673
 (800) 669-8466
Plein Air Workshop at the InView Center for the Arts, Landgrove, VT


Student News

Get well wishes to Ginny Arluna; we miss seeing you in the studio.

Congratulations to Marleen Valdes on winning 1st Place in the student division in the Bloomfield Art League winter show, and to Helene Reed, who is a docent in the new Montclair Museum exhibition celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Armory Show of 1913.

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